July 5, 2018
4 reasons why India can beat England in England this time
IPL is ‘gone with the wind’ and it’s back to the purest form of cricket once again! Yes, the cricket fanatic in me is already looking forward to seeing our guys in action, in whites and in those heritage-filled grounds in the ‘home of cricket’. I think we have a much better chance this time...
May 26, 2018
IPL 2018 Grand Finale: What to look for on the ‘Big Day’?
As curtains are coming down tomorrow on arguably the biggest sporting event of 2018, cricket lovers like us are looking forward to witnessing a fitting finale to conclude this mouth-watering feast of 60 keenly contested matches. There is a little sense of pain, somewhere deep in my heart as evenings, post the 27th of May,...
May 24, 2018
Chennai Super Kings: The Age-less wonders of IPL 2018
Is age just a number? Oh yes! You bet! Within 24 hours after the IPL auction ended on the 28th of January at Bengaluru this year, trolls were everywhere on the social media- calling the Chennai Super Kings "Dad's Army", "Ageing Warriors", "Uncles" and what not! Some even did not hesitate to rename them as...
January 15, 2018
The jinx of Jinx
It was in June, 2014 against Bangladesh, when Pujara played his "last" ODI. As mentioned in few of his interviews then, he was trying very hard to get into the coloured kits and was trying to alter his natural game. But then came the haunting tour of England (July 2014) of 5 test matches followed...
June 27, 2017
Why you can’t take the Cricketer out of me
"We've reached the semis!", I shrieked and my wife nodded. I am sure she keeps wondering why the hell am I so excited about Cricket that we play without any spectators and commercial breaks. Of course, the absence of these two mean that there is no money involved. No doubt, we pool in from our...
April 29, 2017
ABES 4th edition quarterfinal

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