Wicked Warriors Club is a non-profit organization run and managed by passionate corporate cricketers. A pay and play club, the members of this club are working professionals who have come together to not only continue their love for the game but also provide an organized set up to many amateur corporate cricketers in NCR and Chandigarh. If you share a similar passion do drop us a note on info@wickedwarriors.in and we will be happy to connect with you.


Keep Your Passion Alive. Many in the World Are Still Finding Theirs

The above quote is an inspiration and the single source of energy that has helped us in creating Wicked Warriors. Arguably India’s leading corporate cricket club, Wicked Warriors is a non-profit organization built solely to promote the game of cricket.

A house to more than 200 passionate cricketers in NCR and Chandigarh, the club is focused on providing a quality platform to its members to pursue their love for the game. Along side the sport the club is also a great platform to network with like minded folks from different walks of corporate life. Most often than not the club has proved to be platform for personal and professional growth of its members. It is by far the most buzzing corporate cricketers community today.

The club is also committed to provide an opportunity to play quality cricket at the best of venues in the city to the under privileged children of the society. We are engaged with many Government schools to identify talent and then support them till the get the desired eye balls.

I am extremely proud and delighted to invite you to experience a Corporate Cricketers Club like no other and to follow your passion like never before.

Be a Wicked Warrior!