A high pressure and scoring game , death over ,defending and making way to semi and later trophy was ours!!!

It was a night match , 23rd April 2017.
Warriors were playing under captaincy of Ratish sharma.
Warriors won the toss and opted to bat first and put a huge target of 227 for opponent to chase in 120 balls
The defending warriors tried best but unable to put challenge with new ball and left hand – right hand batting combo of opponents made it more difficult for warriors to defend. Punnet wasson who was striking with new ball created the chance of wicket in 3rd over of innings by trapping left hand batsman to get caught on mid on but puneet’s effort went into vein as ball got slipped from hands of Amardeep singh aka paaji.

Stunn silence was there on the ground, but skipper motivated team to move on and focus on rest of the 17 overs.

The left hand batsman open all his artillery guns from bat and till the time it was 10 overs , 4 balls were out of the park and scoreboard said 110 for loss of one Wicket and dangerous man was still roaming on 22 yards. With its two catches dropped till now ,one by Rahul tyagi on square leg.

As the match progressed,Aman zutshi got put stop on dangerous man , bhavya and nitin Bali completed their economical spell with economy of 6 & 7 respectively , with bhavya giving only 6 runs in 18th over . Now opponents needed 30 runs in 2 overs.

Skipper Ratish bring back his striker bowler puneet to do the honors for him in 19th over and as puneet bowled 6th ball of his over, target was shortened to score 14 runs in last over.unfortunately he conceded 16 runs in his last over of the spell.

A team huddle was taking place to decide who will bowl the last over,
Every player was in great pressure coz team conceded 213 runs in 19 overs already.
everyone put their views and after a brain
Storming session of players and active anticipation of Wicket keeper prince choudhary. It was decided that left armer subodh Pandey will bowl the last over for warriors.

Ankit garg who was motivational speaker for team from stands was hyper too because of runs warriors allowed opponents to put on board while chasing.

As I counted my run up, nervousness started growing , coz I know the feeling of facing a loss in quarterfinals and getting out from league of trophy !!!Adrenaline rush was roaring…like rapids of Ganges!!!

First ball , a bit short of length and batsman did right treatment , and put a stamp of four on it by showing it way of gap between long on and midwicket.

I saw face of skipper who was on short fine leg. Sadness of going near to a loss was strengthening. Opponent needed 10 on 5 balls.

Again went to my run up mark for 2nd ball, a good length off cutter ball, batsman played it for cut, fielder was there, chance of run-out at bowlers end ,throw was too harsh to get captured and a miss field by me. Gave the opponents 2 extra runs and target was reduced to 7 runs on 4 balls.

Ankit from the stands !!! Was high with the temperament . pressure on peak.

Started my run up for 3rd ball , a well placed good length ball close to off stump. A dot ball. A bit of hope again in the team and fielders.

Went for 4th ball, a slower one off cutter ball , and good diving catch at covers by Aman zutshi. There was a electicity of joy ran into whole team . Everyone was making their voice count on the field.

5th ball, new batsman on crease, a straight ball , good length, targeting middle stump was placed by batsman to long on for a single, again a hussle in collection of ball by me but this time no scope of extra runs , so only single run.

Last ball of the innings, 6 runs needed of it, I was on my run up mark , and Rahul tyagi on cut position shouted , that batsman cannot hit a six on cut , so lemme go to mid Wicket as it was empty. Skipper agreed, tension prevailed as last nail of win was still to be hammered. I was hoping that batsman should not become miyadad who can take a win by hitting a six on last ball. Hands were shivering , thoughts were going on in mind, took a deep breath , started my run up and bowled a slower one off cutter again, batsman punched it to the extra covers into safe hands of Karan sareen , and it was single and

Warriors had made their way to semi final by winning such high scoring game by 4 runs.

Later warriors won the finals also and got the trophy !!!

It was my one story with warriors !!! Join to live yours….

By Subodh Pandey